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Declaration of Thornsun Official Website

Published by Thornsunlighting(H.K) Co., LtdPublisher: Vien.LauDate: 2017-10-27 22:14:57Read: 877

For supplying our clients with more better service, the company will operate our new upgraded Version official website, the website is as the original:, welcome to click it for the related information.

For meeting the outdoor led lighting products market demand and market development, we have an independent website ( for its publicity and promotion. Welcome to click it for more information.

Due to recently we found many companies registered their company name and network domain with including our trademark (Thornsun) for selling products on ill intention, we will take law actions to check up them step by step for protecting our company and our clients legal rights. Meantime, please look for our legal domain name to guard against fraud.

Company official

Company Outdoor LED Products Official

Hereby Declare!